239268 | VR Real Life

I am currently working with a unique stereo capture system that captures
720 images for 360 degree panoramas in virtual reality. The resultant ultra-high
resolution image captures a vast landscape and establishes a 3D stereo
immersive experience. My artwork consists of a 360 spherical
surrounding environment in a presentation that redefines VR spaces. The
images are best seen in a high resolution tile wall display, or can be seen
through the navigational experience in a video format or in a head
mounted display.
This new work redefines how I create and experience virtual reality
because it brings the fidelity of the real world to the VR experience. In a
multi-lateral examination of three-dimensional virtual worlds and realistic
landscapes I have discovered a new spatial context for my artistic
research that allows me to express presence through the power of
photographic based data collection.
In creating the piece, 239268, I was initially surrounded by two long
forgotten boats. I felt cocooned in a makeshift cave, once again exploring
the projections of time, seeing how time is eating the boat and slowly
consuming its surfaces. The vibrant textured surfaces of the boats team
with the richness of rot and chaos. The motley picturesque surfaces
emphasize the boat’s history as a killing machine and its continual
presence as a grave marker. 239268 is a testament to the borders of
death and abandonment.
In the resultant artwork, 239268, I have extended my previous
examination of portraiture as an examination of the portraiture of a
landscape and the objects that inhabit it. Where I once would typically
create a portrait of someone by revealing an aspect of consciousness,
this time, I create a portrait by revealing a consciousness of what has
been left behind by action.

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